Monday, 2 January 2017

Back at Turner Contemporary Margate a bit of sketching and some old pictures of Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs.

Another last chance for me to see the JWM Turner exhibition Adventures in Colour for me today, as my family wanted a final look too.

I am coming to the conclusion that the next Turner exhibition at Turner Contemporay really is called is called Liber Studorium as that this translates from the latin as – the stud book with the edge I am looking forward to it with interest. Perhaps there will be more to it than meets the eye. Or perhaps my latin is just very rusty.

I got the best part of two hours in the gallery’s café, the light was amazing and I did a few quick sketches.

There is an atmosphere to art gallery cafés which varies from gallery to gallery and is also dependent on the exhibition showing, in some sense with Turner Contemporary this atmosphere is extenuated, distilled if you like. I think partly because entrance is free, partly because the gallery has no permanent exhibition, partly because the gallery is in Margate and visitors have some strange preconceptions and expectations for Margate and the gallery.

For me also is the fact that looking out of the window the word INFORMATION is written on the end of the Droit House, there is something weird about the word on its own Not perhaps Orwellian but perhaps Kubrickian.

So what? Yes – um well, I am sitting there sketching the people (you understand sketching real people you don’t know is a bit of a scary business, but I think that perhaps this is – what’s the word? I will go with “safest” in a gallery) and looking though, between the people is the word INFORMATION.

So yes a couple of hours trying to catch this atmosphere and mostly failing, words don’t really do it either, but it is a very good place to go and paint.

I was painting in Canterbury Cathedral yesterday, another good place to paint in the winter, much easier to capture too.

For us the holiday are now over so it’s back to work in the bookshop with normal hours from tomorrow, this is basically closed Thursdays and Sunday and open on other days.

On to the old local pictures 

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