Friday, 13 October 2017

A few old Ramsgate Transport Pictures to click on and ramble

This picture of Ramsgate Station, which in local history terms I think of as the new station although built in the 1920s makes it fairly old, has a contemporary car outside it and makes me realise that when the station was built the train really was the only way to get a reasonable distance fairly quickly.

The 1926 map is also this period, not quite the age of the motor car.

I think the Vye & Son van would be 1950s
Some Ramsgate transport is a fairly unusual and requires some mental gear changing, would the children whip the goats to make the go? Perhaps the goat went of its own volition, difficult to steer perhaps
Obviously it all worked at the time. Difficult to steer again

You try to date the photo from the most modern vehicle, have a go

For the dedicated here is the link to the books that went out in the bookshop today 


  1. The date of the photo can't be earlier than 1967 as the light blue car on the left by the cafe is a Mark 1 Ford Escort, the yellow Bedford HA van in front of it may be a PO Telephone vehicle in which case the photo wouldn't be earlier than 1969 because telephone vans were green before then... General feeling seems to me to be early 1970's.

  2. I'm fairly certain that the helter skelter moved up closer to the main arcade in the mid 70s


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