Wednesday, 11 October 2017

King Street directory for 1963 King Street photo around 1970

The picture is of around 60 to 72 King Street, however I think the picture’s date is nearer to 1970 than 1960 as the bookshop now at 72 is Design and Colour the wallpaper and paint shop and not Cullen’s as shown in the 1963 directory.

Having just read that sentence and realised that it is probably going to be incomprehensible to most people, I face the blog writers dilemma of how to sort the thing out.

I just wasn’t trained for this writing lark, don’t you know, and yes I do understand that the very few people who recognise the picture will also be the very few that understand the sentence.

I do remember standing around in Design and Colour and mi mum presumably waved rolls of wallpaper at me and asked me if I preferred the one with coaches and horses on it to the one with the big purple flowers on it. I don’t think that teenage boys perceived wallpaper on the roll in the same way as their mums did back in the late 60s. Of course the memory of being a teenager in the 60s in Ramsgate contains a memory of both wallpapers, but on walls not rolls. I think there would have been books of wallpaper too and wonder how we do without them. Perhaps we never really needed them, much more recent memories of putting up wallpaper while wondering if I should have bought a different pattern have probably over written most of this stuff.  

Like the wallpaper photos and directories are very difficult to match up. 

I am still engaging with what currently passes for Parkinson's law in the age of the internet, and is closely related to both the online form and the pdf file, would you believe that that in trying to resolve some strange product that a high street bank mis-sold me, they have now conceded that while I can send them emails which they will read, they can only reply to the emails by post.

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