Sunday, 8 October 2017

Ramsgate Harbour about 1880 photo and a bit of sketching in Canterbury today

This photo showing the old Foy Boat Tavern, Moses and Deveson’s Sail Loft with Ramsgate fishing smacks is one of my favourites. I have published it online before although I can’t quite remember when, but no apologies for that.

It should expand quite a bit when clicked on but here is a detail that I cropped out as it is difficult to tell what photos will look like on the internet until you have actually clicked on the publish button.

I did a bit more to my watercolour in Saint Anselm’s chapel in Canterbury Cathedral, the issue here is that it isn’t like a photograph but is painted using the facility I have to revolve my head., so it has a different vanishing point when I look to the right of me to the one when I look to the left or in front of me. Joining this up and making the parts of the cathedral seen through the arches look further away is a bit of a learning curve.

I then toddled off to Chocolate Café as I thought a pot of Yorkshire tea and a chocolate muffin would help with my perspective and sketched the people who sat in the window facing me.

A bit a scrunched up A5 sketch as two seats and three people as one of them finished their dink changed to someone else as I was sketching, the business of getting people in good light facing you, the right distance away from you while sitting somewhere to sketch where you can see the paper is the difficult part.

A lot back issues of Bygone Kent magazine in the stock that went out in the bookshop on Saturday, so here is the link to the photos of them

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