Monday, 23 October 2017

Old Ramsgate Photos a bigger Turner Contemporary a bit about Manston

I don’t really know what will happen when you click on the pictures I am pretty sure they will get bigger, this was the lazy man’s approach is to put three postcards in the scanner at a time.

Ok I can see this is a bit mean on my readers as even Blogger which I pretty good with image sizes will probably downsize these a lot, so here is the link that you can download the size that came out of the scanner from

So, Turner Contemporary and a question about Tracey Emin’s bed Charles Saatchi paid for £150,000 this bed, “My Bed” and I wondered if any readers though this was a bad move?

Anyway it seems that Turner Contemporary expansion could be on the cards, see and do readers think that this would be £6m well spent?

I was in Margate on Saturday enjoying the new Exhibition and sketching in the gallery café, listening to the background conversation about My Bed, Jean Arp and JWM Turner.

I then went shopping in Margate where I know some of the people who have shops there and so sop talk ensued, it’s inevitable among shop workers like me.

For anyone who missed this I posted about it with links to the photos I took of the exhibition, here is the link to that post perhaps 100 photos I haven’t counted.

Back to Turner getting into bed with Emin later in the post.

An interesting bit of FOIing re Manston on What Do They Know, here is the link

Manston keeps popping up on Facbook, but what does it all mean? Is the answer, follow the money?

Oh yes Charles Saatchi and the £150,000, well he did sell it at a profit for a little over £2.5m, so perhaps not a bad move.

The shop workers I spoke to are very pleased that the bed is drawing the people to Margate and that the people are spending their money in Margate.

As I expected the bookshop was busy today, I had to fill out two online forms inbetween customers, some of whom were fairly short due to half term.

Plenty of local history in the books that went out, here is the link to the pictures of today’s books   

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