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York Street and Addington Street in 1970 and Arp, Turners and Tracey Emin's bed soon to be on show in Margate, ramble

I can't find photos from around 1970 for either York Street or Addington Street, I am pretty sure all of one side of York Street was a bomb site used as a car park and that i posted a photo of it recently. Addington Street has always seemed to be a bit of a strange one, another out of the town centre shopping street and photos of it are pretty scarce.

So the York Street 1990 one will have to suffice.

Tracey Emin, My Bed, 1998 © Tracey Emin. All rights reserved, DACS 2014 Photo credit: Courtesy The Saatchi Gallery, London / Photograph by Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd

Margate’s Tracey Emin returns to Turner Contemporary with an exhibition pairing My Bed with a collection of works by JMW Turner Tracey Emin, My Bed/ JMW Turner, 13 October 2017 –14 January 2018, Turner Contemporary

On her return to her hometown Margate,Emin has said: “Out of all the places My Bed has been shown this is one of the most exciting and ambitious for me as I know the audience will be very discerning.”The installation will be shown alongside paintings by J.M.W. Turner, another famous ex-resident of Margate who returned regularly to the seaside town for its unique quality of light and skies, which he considered “the loveliest in all of Europe.”

I suppose of all the contemporary art “My Bed” has to be one of the most famous and probably the most famous from the last decade of the last century, so I hope that this will be a successful exhibition for Turner Contemporary.

Turner Contemporary is also having a Jean Arp exhibition “The Poetry of Forms”   Oct to Jan

The renewed plans for Ramsgate Harbour are causing a bit of a stir, see https://theisleofthanetnews.com/renewed-plans-for-doubling-lorry-capacity-and-reclaiming-land-at-ramsgate-port/

And the council document http://moderngov.dover.gov.uk/documents/s23366/East%20Kent%20Growth%20Framework%20-%20Appendix%201.pdf  

I think that at the moment the balance between particulate air pollution produced by transport and its affects on life expectancy has gone off the scale, in terms of recent publications in scientific journals.

I would say that at the moment building anything likely to produce a lot of exhaust, before emissions from jet aeroplanes and ships are drastically reduced, that is immediately upwind of large concentrations of population, is a very big issue.

It’s one thing to discover that an existing port or airport is reducing the life expectancy of thousands of people living upwind, i.e. is killing them, and to be doing something about the problem. It is quite another thing to plan to build something new that you know will kill thousands of people.

I got sucked into this issue over Manston Airport which for me has moved away from being mainly a noise issue to the issue of how many years building a freight hub there would knock of local peoples lives, no I think that’s life’s.

I think with The Port of Ramsgate being directly upwind of the town then whatever is done there needs careful environmental investigation.  

The visible cloud of pollution over Dover is something that worries me and how much of it is carried our way by the prevailing winds. With all the interest in 1970 and a desire by many people to go there it’s as well to remember that it’s as recently as 1972 that asbestos dust was banned in talcum powder.

I think the latest significant publication is http://jasn.asnjournals.org/content/early/2017/09/21/ASN.2017030253

In layman’s terms:- For every increase of 10 micrograms of particulates per cubic metre of air, the risk of chronic kidney disease increased by 27%, and the risk of kidney failure increased by 26%. 

With Manston where my reduction in life expectancy in Broadstairs was around three years with this new report I now make it four. The figures are all available on the internet, mostly on the RSP website and I would appreciate anyone who has come up with different ones saying so.   

Back here in King Street Ramsgate
I thought an art shop
but building supplies.

and finally this is the link to the books that went out on our shelves today 

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