Monday, 4 December 2017

Manston DCO update and some old pictures of Ramsgate and Margate

With the Manston Airport site, the position is a bit difficult to follow if you don’t know the background, but roughly speaking the main plan on the table is the one the site owners have. Thousands of homes and jobs, heritage aviation including runway, schools, doctor’s surgery and lots of leisure facilities.

It seems likely that the site’s owners would deliver as they did with Sandwich Discovery Park. Here is the link to their website

There is also a secondary plan fronted by an investment agency called RiverOak and they want to build an airfreight hub on the site. Obviously they don’t own the site and the site owners don’t want to sell it and having tried various ways of getting hold of the site are trying for a DCO Development Consent Order, which would mean the government forcing the current owners to sell the site to RiverOak.

Anyway for those following this saga the government have just published some more documents including this one, the appendix at the end seems to show why the DCO has been delayed again. Here is the link to it

Should you want to read the other recent documents here is the link

With all of the Manston DCO stuff, it’s long and complicated reading, which I will do in the fulness of time and try to write something as a result. In a general sense though, at the moment it still looks like the pollution from the fuel burn a viable airfreight hub would generate would kill too many local people and the noise compensation would be too expensive.

 This is the lift at The Lido Cliftonville Margate

 Not sure of the location with this one I think all the rest are pretty obvious

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