Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dunkirk Little Ships in Ramsgate Harbour 2011 some pictures and a Sunday Ramble.

 It is fairly windy today so I would expect such little ships as are in the harbour will stay there until the wind drops, if you get the opportunity I would recommend going and having a look at them.  

 I took some pictures, excuses here, my camera is on its last legs, the replacement is on its way, here are the links to today’s pictures.

 the pictures I took of the little ships last year are at when you arrive there use the links at the top of the page to get to all the pages of pictures.

I took a short piece of video so you can get a better feel of today on the pontoons,

there is a fairly strong wind, the harbour was choppy enough to make some people feel seasick, not my children however, many thanks to the little ship owners who entertained them and gave me a cup of tea to sustain me. 

Looking at the first page of pictures I am reminded of something that made me annoyed, the door to harbours magazine was open, this is a gunpowder magazine built in the mid 1700s and should be one of Ramsgate’s tourist attractions.

As it is it has been left to decay with a leaking roof and is being used as a storage shed, only in Ramsgate do we have a Royal residence owned by the council, which has nets on it to stop bits of the building falling on passers by, so I suppose this is a relatively minor desecration of our heritage by the council.  

We stopped to chat with Laura who I know (Harold Macmillan who ran the government her farther served in was a friend of mine when I was younger, it’s a small world) 

I think the rest is fairly self explanatory as the little ships are fairly easy to identify.

On to a rather funny little spat about the council cabinet that is happening on the blogs, Labour seem to be proposing that the council would be better run by young women, see while the Conservatives seem to favour mature men see

I should like to make it quite clear here that I prefer young women and if I ever consider supporting a particular political party this is likely to be a decisive factor

Thinking about the issue of young women I suppose the local Conservatives were discouraged by their candidate Payam Tamiz who held strong views on the subject.  
The airport is also figuring on some of the blogs, see and flights over Ramsgate have been a contentious issue for some time even to the extent that some of the Manston crowd tried to implement racial apartheid here in Thanet, see

Another interesting post is Nick Bateman’s A Fairy Tale of Corruption in Margate (Allegedly) see  

I will probably ramble on when I have had a look at today’s pictures.


  1. Chosing any body of people on the basis of age is against the law

  2. Sorry FUWP I wasn’t seriously proposing that we should be governed entirely by young women, but there is a sense that if you wind up with a cabinet made up of entirely, say of men aged over fifty or say women under thirty then some form of discrimination may have occurred. Of course it may just be down to chance, you know the male local Conservatives over fifty just being the best suited to govern.

    Incidentally I am centring old age on 80 so it follows that middle age is somewhere in the thirty to fifty band.

  3. That is a bit of a sweeping statement FUWP. Schools, for example, have operated on the basis of age selection for centuries.

    The way the Almighty designed the world. The older election candidate says, of the younger election candidate, "I have forgotten more than the young whippersnapper has ever learned"

    And the younger election candidate says, "If that were true how could you know ?"

    And the people vote for the older one because clearly the younger one is too clever by half.

    Hope this is helpful.


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