Sunday 22 May 2011

Dancing Queen World Record Broadstairs 22nd May 2011 pictures and videos

 This post contains videos of and links to pictures of the world record attempt to have 1,000 people dancing to the 1976 Abba hit in Broadstairs today.

The event is to raise money for Special Care Baby Unit at the QEQM Hospital in Margate and the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign.

All part of Big Broadstairs Weekend..   
 Here are the pictures


lady producing interesting silver jewellery was selling it there, the unique aspect is that she can include a fingerprint of your choice, some pictures on this next page.

 Obviously the actual dancing was something that I videoed, videos take a long time to upload below are a couple, if people want I will add some more, although I expect there will be much better offerings than mine on YouTube.


  1. Broadstairs has the drive to stage events throughout the year. Well done to them. Pity about Ramsgate.

  2. Happy to live in BroadstairsMay 23, 2011 1:04 pm

    Down to a good Tory council I guess.

    1. Just read this - nothing to do with council - all volunteers who are passionate about their town, work hard for it, and ready to do it again for the 3rd time 17-19 May

  3. In which case it's wise to vote Tory.

  4. John I suppose the various events that I have managed to cover this year seem to fairly evenly distributed between the towns, the Turner opening in Margate, Great Wall opening in Ramsgate and now Abba Dancing Queens in Ramsgate, or have I perhaps missed something.

    I did make a bit more effort with the video filming this time, I hope you think it an improvement.

    13.04 perhaps the disparity between the political leanings of both councils will lead to some healthy competition, in term of what they can come up with this year.

    Mind you thinking of the various councillors histories in entertainment I think Labour in Thanet leads, I can think of at least one It’s a Knockout contestant and a carnival queen among Labour councillors.

    I will be doing a new councillors details page and perhaps consider adding their qualifications as dancing queens.

  5. John, Just of interest what was the Broadstairs Town Council contribution to the event.

  6. Sorry I meant the dancing queens in Broadstairs not Ramsgate, my excuse is being geographically disadvantaged.

  7. It's a knockout was a female tory councillor,part of the margate double act.

  8. Tony Beachcomber,

    I have no idea what contribution the Broadstairs Town Council made to the event. Neither do I care.

    These days I am interested in nothing but outcomes, regardless of how these may have been engineered.

    I just get the impression that Broadstairs does more.

    In my experience it is wise not to leave matters exclusively in the hands of politicians. For they will gradually develop the notion that they know instinctively what is best for us.

    It could be the case that the Broadstairs residents are content to do things for themselves.

  9. Michael,

    Your videos are greatly improved, in my humble opinion.

  10. John well the first one I put up, the one where it rained heavily, has now had over 1,000 viewings, which I think is probably quite a lot for less than 48 hours, so it would seem some other people liked it too.

    I think I have now developed a technique that produces a reasonably watchable video with reasonable sound quality, without having to edit it, something that I really don’t have the time to do.

    What did strike me as strange was that there was a whole camera crew there, they even had a camera mounted on a cherry picker and yet apart from the videos I put online there is very little else.

    Frankly any criticism is always very useful, as frankly it is very difficult to tell if one is doing things the right way, I am building up to replacing my still camera, which I think will have to be another Pentax as otherwise my lenses won’t fit it.

    The trouble is that now days I don’t really have much contact with other photographers so I really don’t have much idea of what does what.

    I think that the thing that may ultimately cause the most difficulty is using artwork to illustrate posts, I am watching the three experimental pencil sketches working their way up google and wondering if I should do more of this sort of thing.

  11. John,

    All I am asking was how much the BTC contributed finacialy to the event as you seem so knowledgeable on these matters.
    I am not picking holes just wanted some idea how much such an event would cost to stage.
    If it is zero cost and all voluntry then well done to the organisers.

  12. Robert WilliamsMay 24, 2011 6:06 pm

    Tony B, don't be so touchy. I am sure the earlier anonymous commentator was being humourous. Nonetheless, Broadstairs does seem to have an active community with lots of organisational groups and I understand councillors belong to some of these as individuals.

    It is partly what Big Society is about.

  13. Robert
    You've mentioned Big Society so that's it. Nothings going to be organised in Ramsgate for the next four years, or until such time as Labour find a way of pretending that they invented the idea.

  14. It was a great day. I knew it would rain around the time of the dance. I'd have put a thousand quid on it. Hahaha. But it kind of added to the fun.

    Will Broadstairs ever be that packed again? It was incredible to see the whole prom jammed solid with people.

    There do seem to be interesting events happening around Thanet lately. Dancing Queens easily outshone the Turner opening. The royal wedding shindig was superb fun too.

    Carters Steam Fair starting at the weekend, Bucket & Spade Run next weekend, then the Big Event, and the Dickens Festival...whoever said Thanet was boring? ;)

  15. Not to mention the Heston Blumenthal Waitrose ad shoot at Viking Bay on Monday. Not an event as such but it was certainly entertaining.

    The chef was as pompous and short tempered as rumour suggested ;) But I think most of it is affected.

    There was an incident with a photographer who wanted to take pictures on the beach, near to the area where all the equipment and set was located - he had words with one of the production guys who tried to stop him. I stayed out of the way, but I had a good vantage point and managed to get some reasonable pictures of the chef making something a little more palatable than his usual fare.

    Quite a lot of people turned up at various times. Maybe things are starting to improve for Thanet.


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