Monday 30 May 2011

Margate Meltdown 2011 pictures

This link takes you to the 2012 Margate Meltdown pictures

The pictures are on several webpages about 100 pictures to a page, click on one of the links below to open a page.

Carters Steam Fair was also in Margate today the links below take you to pictures of that.

I have owned a few motorbikes over the years and rather like cars you have had you tend to notice particularly the models you have had and remember their little foibles. The motorcycle in the picture at the top of this post falls into this bracket for me. It is a BSA model A10 variant called a Super Rocket, not fast by the standards of today’s bikes, if I remember rightly its top speed was about 120 mph. To be honest one doesn’t spend a lot of time looking at the speedometer when going fairly fast on a motorcycle.

Little foibles with this model, a silly fibre cogwheel driving the magneto that the teeth fell off, I changed this for the racing version that had a manual advance retard on it and a cogwheel made of steel. After this one had to remember to retard the ignition before kick-starting it or it would try to remove your foot.

I did take some video of the band.

With the videos of the band some are better than others, I think the best is probably the one called “Margate Meltdown 2011 band 7.mpg” (the third form the bottom) I am on a bit of a learning curve with this video thing and I stood a bit to close to the band for the first and the last videos.

This has caused an overdrive effect, which works ok for some music and is deliberately done sometimes with electric guitars, however in this case it has just produced bad sound quality.        


  1. Margate is coming alive and leading the way.

  2. Margate could do with more events like this.Hats off to the Ace Cafe for a brilliant day.
    Harley Rider

  3. Thought the Meltdown was a little bit flat this year, to be honest. Weather turning grey and then wet didn't help. But weren't two bands supposed to be playing?

    I think a bit more effort could be made to provide spectator events, maybe along the lines of a bike show, people able to enter their bikes for best in class etc. Maybe wheelie competitions and the like. Yesterday mostly consisted of a lot of middle aged men standing about drinking lager...which is fine if you're a middle aged man standing about drinking lager, but not much fun for the casual visitor ;)

  4. There is a similar annual event in Jerome which includes a lot of middle aged men standing around drinking lager. But it had some of the best rock bands that I have ever heard.

  5. That's fine when there plenty of good entertainment (lots of decent bands). But the Meltdown should be more interesting than it is (or was this year - not been to one before).

    Heard a few people saying they thought it was a bit of a disappointment. I guess really it depends what you wanted to get out of the day. Didn't help that it all wound down so soon thanks to the weather.

  6. anon again!
    Bit of Labour influence on the Town at the weekend. Seemed like everyone was having a good time, for a change, rather than the usual totally Tory boring times.

  7. What Labour influence? This had nothing to do with politics and in case you haven't noticed, it's a Conservative cabinet which still directs the policy decisions in Thanet.

  8. John I am inclined to agree.

    Harley Rider, there were certainly a lot of Harleys there, many thanks to the Harley-Davidson Riders Club Great Britain and the links on your forum.

    8.30 there was the wall of death at Carters Steam Fair with a 1920s Indian performing. A word from an old British biker, don’t try this if you have an Amal Monobloc Carburettor as the petrol runs off to one side and the engine stops, all very embarrassing.

    I am afraid I ceased to be middle aged some time ago, unless I live to be about 120 that is, it was the bikes I went to look at.

    John I genuinely think that as Margate picks up and it does seem to be, more will happen at this type of event.

    16.35 I missed the rain due to children’s commitments I had to go, but I don’t think it lasted for long, did it?

    21.32 When it comes to bikers I believe although the Conservatives may be lacking a bit on the young women front, they win hands down when it comes to forming a chapter.

    Not sure though if either lot make that much difference to what we get, do the officers listen to them, I wonder?

    Hey is that you Simon or have you got a doppelganger? I suppose it’s nice to know that someone somewhere is directing it.

  9. The Steam Fair was, indeed, very good. The Meltdown certainly wasn't 'bad'. It was just a little lacking in organised entertainment, though perhaps that's seen as a good thing by many.

    I've ridden some fairly hair raising old death traps in my time, including a spell owning one of the notorious/lethal early Kawasaki 500 triples, the legendary H1A. But nothing whatsoever would induce me to attempt the wall of death, even on the most reliable of bikes.

    There were some great old classics on show at the Meltdown, for sure. I was delighted to see a Honda SS50 - that very bike was owned by me in the mid-80s and I hadn't seen in it 25 years, then suddenly there she was again, like an old flame ;) Looking well used too, which is nice to see. I'm not a big fan of immaculate museum pieces. Bikes are meant to be ridden.

    Michael, I have no doubt that you will not only live to 120, but will still be giving the council hell. Funeral costs are spiralling - before long most of us will have little choice but to live for ever, or to at least half way through our second century ;)

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