Wednesday, 18 May 2011

New Mayor of Ramsgate Decision Tonight

Dave Green centre, the current mayor of Ramsgate comes to full term today and the word on the street is that he won’t be the standing member again. Deputy Ralph who some say was being groomed for mayor and other independent GoD, were ousted by the Labour landslide, reputedly caused by the Ramsgate air attack.

Our very own Labour town councillors are now; Peter Campbell, Mary Dwyer, Tony Ovenden, Rick Everitt, David Green, Corinna Huxley, Steven Alexandrou, Kim Gibson, Pat Moore, Richard Nicholson, Kay Dark, Ian Driver, Elizabeth Green, Michelle Fenner, Alan Poole,

The only councillor not Labour is Conservative Patrick Doyle, I think it is fairly unlikely that he will be the new mayor.

In town councils the mayor is also the leader of the council, you could go along to this evening’s meeting and see who is chosen, with such a large political majority I wouldn’t expect fireworks though.

Whoever it is the Labour town council certainly have a powerful mandate to govern Ramsgate, compared with our somewhat divided district council, where there is wildly speculative rubbish circulating to the effect that the local Conservatives may be considering going it alone without an overall majority, that independents are being offered committee seats or even cabinet seats. I believe the old Chinese curse is. “May you live in interesting times!”

Meanwhile Labour’s erstwhile pleas involve wildly speculative rubbish begging independent members cross half the floor that are said to be even more rewarding.

Word is that stalwart independents wish to remain independent, but planning is thought to be a substantial carrot, albeit on a string. 


  1. Patrick Doyle... Must be Irish lol

  2. Anyone taking bets it won't be the token Tory?

  3. I wonder if Kay Dark will get it?

    Laurence Davies

  4. Michael,

    A town Mayor doesn’t in fact have to be a councillor as the role is non-political and therefore it is not always the case that the Mayor automatically becomes the leader of a town council. You never know in your absence from this evening’s meeting you may have been selected for this position!

  5. Probably as a reward for services to the party maybe in Michael's case.


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