Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Pinch and a punch it’s the first of the month, web statistic and anther thoughts on the local blogs.

 Here is a link to my referral web stats that form my best guess of the popularity of the other local blogs

Frankly Thanet blogging is a bit of an uphill struggle at the moment, the prevalence of anonymous commentators with way off thread semi libellous comment is increasing to the point where I will probably have to operate some sort of comment moderation.

Already this week I see Bignews issuing an apology which mostly relates to anonymous comments.

News in Thanet is a bit up and down at the moment with Vattenfall blaming installation issues with an export cable at Thanet offshore wind farm 100 million hit in their profits. An expensive bit of wire?

8,000 Rubber ducks were released in Margate last week as part of the towns regeneration through contemporary art wosisname.

The council cabinet approved continuation of the 15 year Ramsgate Regeneration through building on the Pleasurama site, last year we had two men and a digger on site, this year no one on site, so it’s bated breath for 2013, or is that baited.

I will ramble on if get time.

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