Thursday, 17 September 2015

A watercolour and pen sketch from Deal Pier, a bit of sketching in Deal and possible ramble.

Here is the sketch from Deal Pier, unfinished as I had to leave because of having children

The inevitable photo for the art critics out there

Lunch in the café there, all day breakfast

cuppa in another café and did this sketch which is just about on the edge of being worth going back and putting some paint on.

I often have to go to Deal to look at books that people want to sell, it’s a town that would benefit from a general bookshop like my one in Ramsgate, but somehow they never manage to survive for long there.

On the local political front the airport cpo is still grinding away with TDC using delaying tactics for planning applications at Manston which I think may eventually backfire on them.

There has been a major shakeup at TDC with Councillors Ash Ashbee, Konnor Collins, Beverly Martin and Helen Smith resigning from the UKIP group earlier today and are now listed on the Thanet District Council website as members of the Democratic Independent Group, see

What this actually means is difficult to say, it is very hard to say if any of the TDC UKIP councillors apart from Trevor Shonk actually have or had any UKIP ideology of whether they just sttod as UKIP councillors becase they thought they had the most chance of getting elected by doing so. 

I may ramble on here

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  1. Hi Michael. We had a ride to Deal last week and ended up in Dover. I like it there and used to fish there both from the beach and pier.
    I am laughing my head off at the antics of UKIP.
    I must say I had no faith in their intentions and it comes as no surprise. I just think Thanet deserves better.


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