Thursday, 24 September 2015

Midweek Ramble

The main problem with any sort of news blogging is that you can often wind up getting it wrong. An example of what I mean is last Friday’s Gazette lead saying that the date the Dreamland rollercoaster is to reopen would be announced on Monday and then Monday comes and goes without an announcement.

Work is going on apace demolishing the old slipway buildings here in Ramsgate, this is due to finished for next summer, with a home for The Hornby Visitor Centre, a new slipways workshop with the two slipways that were working back in operation.

Wetherspoons are due to start work on The Pavilion in January and this should also be open for next summer.

The Ramsgate Society is due to move into The Maritime Museum for the winter, when the museum closes next week. The society will only use the entrance foyer and the museum will close for the winter. 

Port Ramsgate seems to be running at a loss, which is costing TDC about £1m per year and for the most part only seems to facilitate live animal exports and I guess most people will be aware of the news articles about it becoming a passenger port again.

With Dover not running at full capacity and the route to the continent from Ramsgate being much more expensive to run as it is a least double the distance this would seem an unlikely one.

The Manston airport cpo is still looking like a dead duck with Nigel UKIP Farage saying again on the BBC today that any indemnity partner the council chooses must be watertight, a phrase that seems unlikely to apply to a small American property hedgefund broker operating from a rented office.

The new tdc UKIP administration is now reduced to a majority of one with Chris Wells the ex Tory cabinet member who is now the UKIP leader saying that he was pleased to shed the UKIP members who disagreed with him.

Whether the UKIP administration has had any achievements and are maintaining a position where they stand a cat in hell’s chance of getting re-elected is a bit of a moot point, but is looking increasingly unlikely.

I have been bookbuying and sketching in Canterbury today, I guess if you have been keeping an eye on the bookshop blog which shows the books going on the shelves on a daily basis you will see we have been very busy.

The first bit of sketching was from La Trappiste where I added a bit to the sketch I have been doing from there while I waited for the rain to clear up.

Toast and marmalade there forms a more substantial breakfast than I am used to.

Having bought a load of books I went to for lunch at Wetherspoons and a crack at the Westgate Towers again, it was going a bit better when time ran out.

Yesterday I skived off twice did a bit more to my sketch from Miles

and  a bit more to the one from the coffee shack on Harbour Parade, I am running out of summer and looking for an old camper van so I can get out and sketch in the winter. I sold my 70s Bedford with heater, toilet and coffee making facilities about 3 years ago on ebay for about £600 and am now wishing I hadn’t.  

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