Sunday, 11 October 2015

Watercolour painting looking north up Palace Street in Canterbury finished, and a ramble about the cost of painting.

Here is the painting of Palace Street in Canterbury, if you put “Palace Street Canterbury” into Google click on the maps tab, and drag the little yellow person to the south end of Palace Street then spin the compass you can see the bits I got wrong.

For the lazier aspiring art critic here is a photo.

While I was painting this picture several people asked me if it would be for sale and the quandary I now face is that it cost me a lot to paint. I think about 5 visits to Canterbury at say £5 to get there, about 5 double sessions in La Trappiste i.e. pot of tea and sandwich during the morning and lunchtime at about £7 for a pot of tea and sandwich, £3 for pot of tea and cake during the afternoon sessions. So £15 per day for 5 days is £75, somewhere around 15 hours actually painting it what’s the minimum wage about £6.50 an hour that’s £97.50 then mounting and framing, perhaps £20 paint and paper about £1.50.

Of course I can paint a watercolour this size much faster, particularly if I took a photo of the scene home and copied it, this way I reckon I could do the whole thing in about 3 hours about £20 at the minimum wage.

Much faster if there is no one about, standing in the way and so on

this one of Dover took about 4 hours including drinking two cuppas, but it doesn’t have all that detail in the Canterbury one.

This one of Dover took about half an hour.

All the watercolours are the same size 10 ½ x 7 inches.

I could do some prints of the watercolour, another option is to copy the painting in oil paint onto canvass, I reckon I could do one 4 times the size i.e. 21 x 14 inches in about eight hours, about £5 for the paint and about £5 for the canvas and about £50 at the minimum wage.

All of this is an academic exercise as I don’t make my living from painting, the devil is in the detail with this type of watercolour, so far the paintings I have disposed of I have given away.

I am beginning to understand why I don’t see lots of other people out painting as a way of making their living. 

At the moment if you want the picture I recommend you click on the image at the top of the posts to enlarge it and print it out.

I did buy some books for my bookshop in Canterbury today, which did cover the costs and will appear on the bookshop blog 

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