Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Ramsgate’s Fabric Shop moves in above The Haberdashery in the old McDonalds building in King Street and a ramble about retail shops.

Here are the pictures of the fabric in the new shop location as you a large range.

Like my bookshop another long survivor in the diminishing world of non food or service retail or in other words shops selling something you can take home with you.

If like me you have tried to buy fabric online you will know that it’s very difficult because you can’t feel it, the amount of fabric online makes looking for it totally confusing, the p and p is often high. All in all and evenings work rather than a quick purchase.

With books and bookshops things are different, if you know which book you are looking for then buying it online is fairly straightforward, particularly if you want a new copy of the book or a kindle download of the book.

The trouble with the internet occurs when you don’t know exactly which book you want and you need to look at a range of books on a subject or a range of fiction to read.

If you want a new book then it’s a case of going to Waterstones, browsing say the history section, finding the book you want, then either buying it or opening the Amazon app on your phone, pointing the camera at the barcode and buying it for less.

Secondhand book wise it gets more complex, but if you buy secondhand books in any quantity and live in the southeast of England then you will probably eventually visit my shop.

There are several aspects that come into play, reasonably large range of books, reasonable quality of books, prices that compete with the internet and so my booksop is still here.

Of course you are still going to get clothes and shoe shops, maybe a few gift shops, but I am afraid the light at the end of the tunnel at the moment for most of retail is a train coming the other way.      

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  1. Absolutely love this shop - I feel like a kid in a sweet shop with all the lovely touchy-feely fabrics - you cannot get the same feeling when you shop online - please keep going!!!


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