Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What do you say when there isn't much to blog about?

Much nicer day today, especially around lunchtime
 looking over my shoulder I meandered off to The Belgian fof a cuppa and a sarni
a restorative and money well spent
the inevitable sketch and the hour past fast
Pleasurama cliff wall has just sprouted the first shoots of greenery after being painted with the wrong paint, or whatever happened
quite a lot more sand has gone from Ramsgate main sands
The Pav is still looking very sad
the old slipways winch house or whatever it is, much more visible
Back in the bookshop, a quiet day, usually is just after the schools go back, no blog post for the bookshop today however I learnt a lot about Ebay.

Having a bookshop I don’t sell many books on the internet, in most cases the rule is something like this:- buy it, try it on the shelves in the bookshop for about a year, if it hasn’t sold then review it. Then the rule is something like this:- reduce the price, stick it on Amazon. One way or another try to get back at least what I paid for it and buy a different book.

Every so often though it’s my job to check out the options and today it’s been working out the logistics and economics of putting books I no longer want for stock in the bookshop on Ebay.

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