Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bookshops in Kent, Books about Kent, an English bookseller rambles

My bookshop in Ramsgate is closed tomorrow because it’s Thursday, so a bit of a my day in the bookshop today.

It started as many things do in the pub, I wake up – wrong words – I get up fairly early in the summer, grab my paints and brushes and go off to find breakfast (coffee toast and marmalade) and something to sketch.

Belgian Café in Ramsgate this morning from about 7.30 to about 9 I managed to get the table I had the other day and did a bit more to the painting I have already had a two or three breakfasts on.

Then off to the timber yard to get some wood to make more shelves 

The longest bit of wood that fits comfortably inside a Vovo estate is 9 feet long, so I take a tape measure and a saw.

We have had a big influx of books about Kent, if you look on the bookshop blog you can see that quite a few of them went out on our shelves today

Either bookshops are doing badly and they close, the largest one in East Kent the big Waterstones in Canterbury is about to close, or they are doing well which means buying lots of books and finding places for more book shelving.

I have been looking around my bookshop for places to fit in more shelves, last week it was making the maritime section taller today it was more space for aviation books.

This was the size of our aviation book section this morning 

on the end of the aviation section was this bit, the end of a wall the end of the 50p section
 it had become an area where old lumps of blu tack go to die

now it looks like this 
or this and should hold around 250 aviation books.

Tomorrow off to buy some more books I hope, a visit to some of the other Kent bookshops, here is the link to the guide not so many left now.

If you want a Kent bookshop, Oxford Street Bookshop in Whitstable is on the market at a very reasonable price.


  1. Aviation books should be higher up because you only see planes in the sky so people will expect them to be up in the air, Hope that comment was helpful? Painting looks good I am never about that time of the day or I would join you. It was two pm before I surfaced today this heat just wipes me out. Hope you had a good day off. Don

  2. 9 feet high Don, I use one of those portable air con units


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