Sunday, 5 June 2016

Watercolour painting of Canterbury, a peek inside Margate Winter Gardens, photos of Canterbury, possible ramble…

I went to a craft fair at Margate Winter Gardens this morning, I don’t often go there these days but was struck by how the décor seems to have extended up to the mid 1970s and frozen in time. I suppose this sort of only in Thanet stuff relates to the point at which the Thanet towns lost their own councils and most of the TDC budget presumably went into some sort of Parkinson’s Law.

On to Canterbury with children, while I was engaged in shopping with teenage children – I do this remotely (Argos universal) from Chocolate café, I did what?

Painted the beginning of this Canterbury watercolour of the reflections in the windows opposite.  

The next bit is man goes to Canterbury and takes loads of photos with his mobile phone and then puts them on the internet. How embarrassing is that?

Like most people with a smart phone I use it to take pictures – my smart phone is very old now, I bought it in 2012, the camera is only 8 MP – but I do have the app that automatically uploads all of the pictures I take onto the net; so I don’t have to actually do anything to put them online, for anyone barmy enough here is the link to all of the photos I took with my phone today

Allthatsaid, there are people who for one reason or another can’t easily wander around Canterbury come into my bookshop and see what stock we put out yesterday, so here is the link to that too

Oh and thanks to the charming young lady who made me origami while she watched me paint.

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