Monday 13 June 2016

Margate Dreamland goes wristband again, Ramsgate and the sad seafront sites and a bit more of the Ship Shape sketch.

Many years ago I worked as an engineer and some of the engineering jobs I had were on funfairs, I even worked at dreamland in this capacity. This was all a very long time ago before Dreamland was bought by the Dutch Bembom Brothers in 1981 and wristbands were introduced. Back in my day you paid on the ride and ride prices were adjusted depending on busy the park was at any given time.

I guess that if Dreamland has one mayor and resolvable problem it is the lack of a showman running it

To expand on what I mean, this is a picture of the main entrance taken yesterday and I guess it screams the person running this doesn’t have the first notion of the meaning of the word attraction.

I am not saying that Dreamland was all good, back in the day, this film was made in Dreamland  and is as close as I have seen to expressing the old Dreamland that I am sure most people would like to, what? Forget is not perhaps the right word, perhaps view with a selective memory

Toast marmalade coffee and watercolour breakfast at Ship Shape this morning, here are the prograss photos

After this work in my bookshop in Ramsgate, here is the link to the pictures of the books that went out on the shelves today

 After work I went down to the seafront here in Ramsgate and took a few more photos with my mobile phone.

 One fairly serious mess here and I wonder; if this development has stalled for some reason whether it could be tidied up a bit for the summer,

 The really serious long term mess here, I wonder if there is any way at least part of this huge and long term derelict site could be tided up or even used for this summer.

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