Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Broadstairs evening walk photos and some thoughts about our relationship with seagulls

Photos of Broadstairs this evening, plenty of seagulls there, here are the links

The picture , Girl with Seagulls, Trouville, 1865 by Gudtave Corbet shows how our relationship with the seagull has changed over the years. I am pretty sure that it would be illegal to eat a seagull now, but then it does look as though dinner was the objective in the picture. 

Once again I have put up the photos on my camera card, not just the ones that came out well, there has been some comment about the photos on Facebook recently.

My intention with putting up these strips of snaps taken while walking about the area is so that people who can’t walk about Thanet for one reason or another can see what I saw. This isn’t supposed to be great photography, I don’t stop long to take the pictures, if I stop at all, so some are probably a fuzzy.

The camera is a 10 year old 5 mega pixel camera worth about £40 “Canon powershot s3 is” it’s what’s called a bridge camera. For this type of snapping while walking about I use it on fairly low definition with digital zoom turned on, this means that when you get to the end of optical zoom, i.e. when the lens moves, then the digital zoom goes on to take advantage of the full digital image definition. One of the big advantages of this camera is that it has good image stabilisation, which means that you can take zoom shots without very steady hands, the other is that it has a viewfinder that you can adjust to compensate for needing reading glasses.   

My guess would be that cameras have come a long way since this one was made, but I wouldn’t want to carry an expensive camera around in my jacket pocket .


  1. Never mind about some photos being a bit out of focus I think they're great, keep em coming, as a former ramsgatonian I love em.

  2. Tony glad you think that way, obviously I have the option to delete all of the ones that are not really up to much or to just publish the whole lot. The deciding factor being that I know a film director who has lived in Ramsgate and I asked him how to approach the cutting room floor, his rely was that he had just been filming in the desert and found even the fuzzy photos of Ramsgate helpful when trying to cool down, so put them all up and let people decide which ones not to look at.


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