Thursday, 15 June 2017

Vattenfall Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm

Any of you following the pre application stage of the Manston DCO will be familiar with how national infrastructure projects appear on the Planning Inspectorate website, so here is the link

Here is the link on the Vattenfall website I went to their event at Turner Contemporary in Margate today.

My main thoughts on the matter relate to discoveries since the Thanet Windfarm was built, the only relevant one being particulate pollution from their vessels using Ramsgate Harbour blowing across the town reducing life expectancy in Ramsgate.

This is all in the same bag as the diesel car scrappage scheme and the problems associated with a freight hub at Manston, but whereas the RiverOak plans for Manston would most likely result in the premature deaths of thousands of local people the Vattenfall plans would only burn a tiny fraction of the fuel, so even without mitigation the affects would be negligible.  

To put this in perspective RSP want to have more that 10,000 freight ground movements at Manston per year and as one ground movement burns 1 tonne of jet fuel this means they want to burn 10,000 tonnes per year, mostly upwind of Ramsgate and Broadstairs.

I would doubt that all of the Vattenfall activity would burn more than 10 of tonnes of Diesel in Ramsgate per year and this burning would be subject to filtration, however Vattenfall are aware of the problem and were responsive.

They are working on hybrid craft, which would plug into turbines as well as the grid supply in the harbour.

All in all plenty of good business for Ramsgate with an informed and environmentally conscious company.

Here is the link to the last lot of books to go out in the bookshop

And for those of you looking for something more esoteric here is the link to our Mind Body and Spirit books up to date for this week

Only a very few Margate photos today this is the link 


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