Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Click to expand the old Thanet pictures and where we are in terms of reopening Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate

First a few old local postcards

Ellington park probably Edwardian

Granville marina in Ramsgate also probably Edwardian

Cliftonville I think this one might be Edwardian too

The birchington Hunt meet boxing Day 1905

Joss bay probably 1960s or 70s

And finally the hoverport at pegwell bay

As anyone who has been following what I why have been saying over the past couple of years well understand, I decided it wasn't really very safe if to reopen the bookshop because of coronavirus, mainly because of all out enclosed spaces in the maze bookcases.

My plan was to wait until the figures had got down to 1 person dying in 1,000 people testing positive, I don't think we're going to get there, it's a little bit worse and one in 500 at the moment.

Here in the UK about 45,000 people a day are testing positive at the moment and about 100 people a day are dying of coronavirus.

What has changed my mind is the vaccination situation. Of the 100 people a day dying of coronavirus only about 20 are vaccinated and the other 80 are unvaccinated.

These figures are derived from the office of national statistics which is a politically independent government agency, they are also very similar to the figures produced by the other countries in the world.

Link to the UK weekly figures  divide by 7 for daily numbers

Anyway we are hoping to reopen with reduced hours around about Easter. At the moment we are putting in a blown air ventilation system which should make everybody safer.

I'm not really sure how long it will take to do the various bits of work to achieve this, it really is quite time consuming and quite a lot of bookcases have to be changed to get the pipes in.

Onto my painting and drawing.

I thought I would have a go expressing evil

Painting is all very well but as soon as you get into the realms of art, you either have to to play around with contemporary art and installations. Honestly my bed is far too ordinary to exhibit. Or you get into that difficult area...

As far as I got, will try to finish it off.



  1. Eyes not evil enough Michael.

  2. ....wow, how the internet works ! - I stumbled across an old part of your blog from 2017 all about windmills - I believe my ancestor Stephen T Pain, according to the 1961 census, was at 'Thanet Mill cottage' in the parish of St Laurence with the occupation of Miller Journeyman - the next line down has the address as 'Mill House' with the name 'William H Hudson' with the occupation of 'Miller' and another word I cant decipher, could be Master ? - with this info and the excerpts you published I have just located Thanet Mill ! on an 1877 OS map - this now ties in with a transcript my late Grandfather took from my Great Aunt in the 1960s where she mentions the move to Ramsgate and the fact that Richard was born at Thanet, meaning the mill I presume, it all makes sense now thanks - Andy


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