Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Cubit collects another 60 cars

Thanet district Council press release

Another 60 untaxed or abandoned cars have been removed from the streets of Thanet in the latest Operation Cubit.

The most recent operation, which is led by the Thanet Community Safety Partnership and involves Thanet District Council, Kent Police, Kent County Council, the DVLA and Kent Fire and Rescue Service, took place during the week of Monday 5 January.

The hotspots for untaxed or abandoned cars were Ramsgate and Cliftonville, which both had 23 vehicles removed from each area, while another nine were taken from Margate and five from Westgate and Birchington.

Since April 2008, a total of 232 cars have been removed through Operation Cubit.

Owners can pay £260 (plus storage costs) to reclaim their vehicles and, of this money, £160 is refundable if they tax their vehicles within two weeks. If they fail to either tax the vehicles or declare that they are off the road, then a follow-up visit is made to see if the vehicle is still being driven illegally and, if it is, it will be removed. If owners do not claim and pay for their vehicles, then they will either be crushed or sold.

Abandoned vehicles can be reported by calling 01843 577888.

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