Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Devil Crab Velvet Crab Dead Crab

Just noticed this article click here to read on the IOTG website, is says that the dead crabs that have been washed up on our shores may have been killed by a virus and warns against picking them up.

As people on the blogs have been talking about them being killed by cold and even suggested eating them, I thought I should spread this warning, don’t hesitate to pass it on.


  1. Apparently the Spanish eat them with "Gusto". Anyway Dr Bruce told me it's the cold snap that did the poor things in the other week!

  2. Environment Agency spokesman Farooq Mulla seems to disagree and thinks it’s a virus, I wonder who is right, I am having seak and chips tonight and wont be experimenting with crab.

  3. Michael, Velvet swimmer crabs are cooked alive in boiling seawater and are highly prized by spanish fisherman.They are no good dead.
    They are a casualty in cold snaps in inshore waters being a warm water crab, in years past when there were large cod shoals inshore the cod would eat them. As large Cod shoals are a thing of a past there is no longer a large predator to finish them off, so they end up being washed up.

  4. Not a happy end for crabs in Spain then Tony oh and I meant steak and chips.

  5. Michael, I think that is why they they are over here, It is a bit like the Romans nobody told them it gets cold in the winter.

    Steak and Chips! the bookshop trade must be on the up.

  6. Tony good point with the crabs, the steak is more about using the town centre butchers in Ramsgate where it’s a lot cheaper than the supermarkets than any particular boos in trade. Although on the whole we have been doing better since the economic downturn, I believe this is because people are making more effort to find the best price.


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