Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Pleasurama planning permission expired today

Where have we got with Pleasurama, half a million pounds of taxpayers money spent on repairing the cliff, an access road built below the floodline with no flood risk assessment, this is for adoption by the council so the resultant problems will be the taxpayer’s, an access road over Victorian arches built from house bricks some of which crumble between your fingers, the council has set a 40 tonne weight limit on this so that busses can access the bus stop down there click here to look at the pictures.

Whops now the planning permission has expired, yes it’s five years to the day since the plans were passed, with the condition that construction must start within five years or the permission would expire click here for the councils planning website the application ref is F/TH/03/1200 don’t expect the link to work though because of TDC IT.

Don’t let this excite you overly though, I expect there are special rules for Pleasurama, there always have been so far, one of the special rules is that the plans don’t have to obey the rules of nature click here to see what I mean.


  1. Just read your article where they 'solved' the problem of a lowered ground floor ceiling, by just making the lorries smaller!

    As you say, it would be funny, if it wasn't so detrimental to Ramsgate's economy.

  2. Adem there are no plans on the planning website that are in any sense buildable, the two major players in this Doug Brown the planning officer and Cardy Construction both seem to be likely to want a good development.

    The architects are the same as for China Gateway and their impossible plans there appear to have all but brought the company behind it to their knees, shares which last year were over £2 last traded at 10p.

    So I don’t know if the major players are heaving a huge sigh of relief and producing sensible plans that conform to a flood risk assessment, or if the charade will continue.

  3. What now then? Another ten years with an eyesore down our front?

  4. Michael,
    sorry to be the one to disappoint you but I think that you will find they have complied with condition 15 I believe it is the Highway element and as such the development will be deemed to have started.

    ps. Note that what the Council originally agreed was a zebra but it seems that following 'revisions' they are now proposing to build a camel !!

  5. Mike there have been two new road layouts down there this one appears to be very dangerous from a flood risk point of view, the general consensus even among the planning officers I have spoken to is it will have to be dug up and redone safely.

    The new plans about which I have heard conflicting things about from TDC and the EA aren’t even on the council planning website and I would consider it highly unlikely that the plans that they actually intend to build to will fit in with the existing road layout.

    I just can’t see Cardy’s going ahead with out a flood risk assessment, nor can I see how they can be said to have started building without viable plans, or any construction work having commenced.

    If I submitted plans for a garden shed and the council told me I had to lay a gravel path to it and the planning permission expired and I said it hasn’t as I have laid the path they would laugh at me.

  6. Keep your fingers and toes crossed - I sense some optimism that we will not have this development inflicted on us after all - Yippee!!

  7. If planning consent has expired (has TDC planning confirmed this?), will Terence Painter return deposits to those who made them last autumn?

  8. bertie - no-one made deposits last autumn


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