Saturday, 31 January 2009

Thanet Earth Environmental Time Bomb

A mixture of factors has come together making an aspect of Thanet Earth very dangerous indeed.

When the planning application for Thanet Earth was approved there was no environmental study done, I don’t know if this was because it counted as an agricultural development or if it just slipped under the radar.

This means that the statuary consultation of the organisations to ensure that was environmentally ok just weren’t done, in fact the consultations to make sure it was safe environmentally weren’t even considered.

This means that the surface drainage of the car, lorry parks and loading areas have drains that run into soakaways not only are these on top of our underground water reservoir, but they are very close to where Thanet Earth is pumping out water from a borehole for its irrigation and crop washing.

The recent disparity between diesel prices in different countries mean that lorries are being fitted with larger fuel tanks 1,000 litres is not uncommon.

I doubt that the driver would even notice if while he was manoeuvring his lorry a bollard or something caught and ruptured his fuel tank.

Diesel fuel is a very complex substance and very harmful to underground water reservoirs, especially those made of porous chalk like ours is in Thanet the damaged caused by it can be irreversible.

Because this fuel is lighter than water it floats on top and rapidly spreads out and you can click here to read about another problem, do you think these guys care about us?


  1. So what happens when a lorry crashes in Thanet for instance and spill diesel? Do we ring fence Thanet from all diesel vehicles and live in caves?

  2. That is a classic example of treating an illustrative example as if it is the whole argument.

    Main Point dullard ?

    There was not an environmental impact study carried out.

    Thanet plonker.

  3. 00.26 My understanding is that although KCC highways don’t have to get a discharge consent, the main road on aquifer was drained by tapping into the airfield drainage which discharges into Pegwell Bay, I also believe there are shutoff valves for such a contingency. And obviously a lorry crash would be something the authorities would be aware of and an environmental cleanup contractor would be used.

    11.15 Partly my fault here I should have used more than one example, like the airport operator not being consulted about the open water storage ponds and the consequences of waterfowl on aircraft engines. The intensive water abstraction combined with the huge area of greenhouse that will reduce water replenishment of the aquifer, drying out the adjacent nature reserve. I’m not an environmental scientist however I expect there would have been other concerns had they been consulted.

    The main point here is the cumulative effect, both in terms of raising the risks of pollution by to much industrial activity on the aquifer, and in term of the damage already done to the aquifer.


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