Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Budget protest in Ramsgate today

I heard on the BBC news there were going to protests in some towns today including Ramsgate, this seemed to be something to do with public sector pay, but was all a bit vague.

Anyway I went off to see what this was about and it did indeed seem to be something to do with today’s budget, as this was during my lunch time and the budget hadn’t been read it made things a bit difficult for the protesters.

I was a bit difficult to understand what it was that they wanted people to do about the budget that they didn’t know the content of as well. They were in Ramsgate Marketplace with a banner that read STUFF THE MARKET, their caps and indeed they were shouting through a megaphone.

Here is the link to the inevitable pictures http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/610/id30.htm
Here is a little admission of mine, during the last few days when anyone from Jehovah’s Witness, Big Issue seller or political protester tries to either hand me a leaflet or sell me something, I now hand them a card with the address of this blog on it and tell them that the pictures of them will be published online later today and linked to the blog post. So far it has done the trick every time.


  1. Michael, I recognised a couple of these folk, Socialist Workers Party, ex militant tendancy!

  2. The Socialist Workers Party is that an event for people who are workers? What do they have, jelly and ice cream and those noisey blowers with wavey streamers? Or maybe its just another misnamed collective of people who protest at every oppertunity. They seem to be making a huge difference.

  3. When I moved to my current address 38 years ago I asked the Jehovah’s Witness callers never ever to call at my address again otherwise I would required them to give me their addresses and I would call on them.
    Four years ago they called again with the excuse that somebody new may haved moved in. I was not pleased but I dont think I will be still here or anywhere in 30 years time.

  4. Hmmm Socialist WORKER supporters able to hang around the Town Centre at lunchtime..... must be on shifts or benefits..... I wish they would employ an economist. They might find out just what REALLY makes the country tick then!!! I love the way they were protesting about something they didn't know the content of..... :) Only in Britain....!!!


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