Sunday, 6 June 2010

Pictures of the historic vehicle bucket and spade run at Ramsgate July 2010

Here are the links to the first lot, there are more on other cameras and I will add them after this lot have published.

as before there are over 500 in this first batch so it will be sometime before they have all published on the internet.

Just one other point, breakfast sandwich (bacon, egg and sausage) and a cup of coffee at the Lookout Café there, total cost £2.50.

Entrance to this event is free, so all in all a pretty cheap day out including food and drink.

Another page of pictures at a big one I think.

Even more pictures at no idea why the first few are so small

My children now have cameras and their perspective is a little different click on the link for an eight year olds view of the bucket and spade run

Yes twins so this is the other ones view


  1. Thankyou Michael, obviously a well supported event.

  2. Why did you take over 500 pictures? Too many to click on to be bothered with.

    Ben Kelly

  3. The 'Lookout' is the best value in town.

  4. Pleasure Pat M, I reckon at least 5,000 people.

    Ben Kelly, closer to 1,000 I think on eight pages, that is eight clicks on a link and seven on the back button, I suppose the answer to your question is because so many people look at them.

    John, it is truly amazing, they don’t skimp on the quantity, I have to admit that I opted to pay an extra 30p for a half pint mug of coffee in instead of the cup that was part of the £2.50 deal.

  5. exellent as usual Micheal thank you and the twins are better than a lot of adults so well done to them both

  6. Thanks for uploading the video, Michael. Looks and sounds pretty good to me!

    Best regards



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