Monday, 21 June 2010

Dolphins in Ramsgate Harbour, lies damned lies and local history.

I received the following email with the picture above, (copyright Gullscliff this link takes you to their website of of excellent local photographs ) at the end of last week:

“Hello I was wondering if you could help me out on something I saw whilst at the library the other day there is a pic of Ramsgate harbour wartime and within the harbour stood these 2 structures not unlike the maunsell sea forts but smaller in design I have enclosed a picture was just wondering if you had any more information on these structures.”

Looking at the picture you could be easily fooled into thinking these were some strange wartime structure and not something both modern and still there, I replied thus:

“Hi as far as I understand these were installed to allow the Volkswagen delivery ferries to moor side on to them in the outer basin with their sterns onto the crosswall, where the cars were unloaded.

The technical term for them is Dolphins, I believe they date from sometime in the 60s or 70s when this was moved from the western end of the inner basin and not the war.

One thing of further note is that they are still there if you go and have a look.

Below the picture I sent to him that I took this morning.
Below a picture also taken this morning of where the link span for the cars to drive off was connected to the crosswall.

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  1. well I never knew that. Dolphins in Ramsgit harbour would you Adam and Eve it


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