Friday, 18 June 2010

Royal Sands Development rainwater roof drain into Ramsgate Harbour inner basin

After consultation with English Heritage the roof drainage pipe is to come into the harbour via the sluice that used to use the head of water in the inner basin to flush out the sewage outfall pipe.

Once again I should point out that the work down there is being done to a very high standard, causing the minimum disruption to the café culture there.

I wish the same could be said for the main building site and the cliff façade repairs, the eyesore continues as the build up to the summer season starts, one would have thought that at least part of the site could be used for leisure or parking.
Most engineers will tell you that one of the strongest forces in engineering is force of habit and as you can see even with heating up the sluice is resisting opening.

Click on the link for the rest of the pictures


  1. Sorry to sound like a 'Health and Safety Anorack' here Michael, but, shouldn't the guy working be wearing an inflatable life jacket and/or a safety harness?
    Also not sure if the HSO's would approve of him working in the bucket of a JCB.

  2. Agree with 15.56 - looks like an HSE "how not to do it" poster, like the one of the chap sitting in a bath with an electric drill!

    Also - I wonder what checks they did/could carry out to ensure the pipe was purged of toxic/inflammable gases before starting hot works?


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