Thursday, 14 April 2011

A few pictures of Ramsgate and Canterbury and a mild ramble

It’s my day off today and I have been to Canterbury bought a few books, taken a few pictures nothing much I think, the pictures are being published to the internet as I type this, so I won’t see them until they are there as I am using my notebook and the screen is far to small either to edit or sift out the bad ones, so apologies if some are dreadful.

The first page are Ramsgate last couple of days, I indulged myself in bacon egg chips and a cup of tea at the Lookout Café, hence the picture if you were wondering, as always excellent value.

I may add a bit more about the pictures when I have seen them,

Here are the links to the pages of pictures

they shouldhave all appeared on the internet by about 8pm


  1. Some good pictures, but the port looks very derilict and run down.

  2. Presumably the plan is to continue to allow the port to become run down until it reaches a point when the elf and safety people say it is dangerous, after which the council will block up the tunnel and divert the money to Margate.
    Whilst on the subject of the port. We are told that Vattenfells are basing their operation in Ramsgate. Well we'd better hurry up and make sure that the port is suitable for their ships - one of their supply craft was in Dover last week taking on stores and fuel. Why? Because Ramsgate has become too shallow. You couldn't make it up.

  3. ahh thats what they mean by regeneration in east kent, silt up the port and more work for dover


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