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China Gateway and Marina Esplanade Ramsgate two interesting new planning applications

China Gateway and Marina Esplanade Ramsgate two interesting new planning applications

You can see form the picture above this enhancement to the Victorian Granville Marina will be highly visually stimulating. Planning ref F/TH/11/0244

The China Gateway development that has been awaiting compliance with a stringent agreement mostly to do with the original plans that were for a series of individual Chinese companies with there own septic tanks, processing their own sewage and poring the results into our drinking water reservoir, has now come up with whole new raft of plans.

Oddly enough I couldn’t find the ones stating how they intend to deal with the drains, planning ref F/TH/08/0400 


  1. Searching through 2011 planning application decisions, I note that a number have been refused planning permission because of (amongst other reasons) policy DM1.

    DM1 appears to be a new policy introduced in December last year, that states:

    "... unless it can be justified, residential development in Thanet should be houses, as opposed to flats ..."

    This policy appears to have the potential to have a significant impact on new building projects in Thanet.


    This current Marina Esplanade planning application is interesting, in that it notes that:

    "The proposal is for a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments which range between 94.4 m2 and 196 m2 floor area. The floor area of each apartment and the cost of the design and the use of quality materials including extensive balcony areas is not the type of accommodation that policy DM1 seeks to resist."

    I wait to see the results of this application with some interest.


  2. That's odd - I left a long comment here a little while ago, and now its gone ...

  3. Auto spam Gerald I have retrieved it for you, best to sign up and get a blogger ID to prevent your comments vanishing.

  4. You wont get rid of me that easily Michael. So it sounds if you build big good quality flats in Thanet you are OK. if you build small rubbish ones you wont get permission! YEAH and I am going to believe that one. I must say that we need more houses.
    What is wrong with CG using the existing sewage system or disposing of septic tank the usual way? We have enough stuff dumped in our water without aany Chinese help.

  5. Shame about the old theatre / nightclub. The application even lists the former use as 'nightclub / bar' and that the site is a derelict eyesore. Yeah well it wouldn't be if the council had repaired the historic building instead of flattening it and consequently leaving those arches exposed! Either way, we're never going to get the building back, so best move on, repair those arches and build an appropriate development. Just as long as it doesn't look anything like what's next door!

  6. 19.50 I think there must be some confusion here this wasn’t the Nero’s site, but next door, the picture in this post shows you what it last looked like

  7. Michael - yes I know, but it was still part of the complex, was it not?

    If the application passed, we'll still be stuck with the also derelict shell of the old theatre / Neros as a car park, but at least those supporting arches would receive some long overdue attention. As for the drainage there, that's another story...

    By the way, was the council's justification for flattening the theatre due to the blind turning for vehicles using the ramp?

  8. 10.53 your comment was in the spam folder, I suggest you get a blogger id, this doesn’t effect you anonymity but will prevent your comments from getting lost.

    I tried to prevent the demolition of Nero’s at the time, but the council didn’t take any notice, recent conversations with some of the officers I know suggest that the whole business was actually a mistake and as a Victorian theatre with important cinema history it should have been preserved.

    The arches where the development is due to take place are in private ownership, well to be more accurate the space inside them is, but the arches belong to KCC.

    I think that a major problem with this development will be the condition of the arches and access for ongoing maintenance.

    As for the drain there where the lid flies off during heavy rainfall and floods the area with raw sewage, well word fail me.

  9. Michael,

    The "Site of Marina Road" is actually part of a freehold title owned by TDC which is called "Land and buildings at and near Marina Esplanade, Ramsgate".

    This is a sort of 'general purpose' property title covering all sorts of public land in this part of the eastcliff, including the sites of various roads, gardens and even part of the beach.

    The buildings under Marina Road are excluded from the TDC title. The 'highway' itself is also excluded from the TDC title - the 'right to run a highway' presumably belongs to KCC.

  10. From KCC:

    Road No.: U19692
    Status: Publicly Maintainable
    Length: 349.4 m

  11. Gerald strange one this, I believed I had seen a title deed showing the freehold of the land in front belonging to the chap who wants to build the development, funny how the mind plays tricks. Interestingly the council sometimes calls this Granville Marina and sometimes Marina Esplanade so there are planning applications filled under different addresses, on the councils planning website.

  12. Michael, I have just had chance to look at the China Gateway new drawings, and the assessment I gave you on an earlier post was not correct.

    The completed building I thought was part of the scheme,is in fact outside the site.

    My interpretation of the Phase 1 plans is that they have not yet been approved, which means if or when they are approved, the permission will last for 3 or 5 years from the date of approval, depending on which condition is applied.

    Just to add complications we now have PHASE 1 (phases 1 to 6) as well as the projected PHASES 2 & 3

  13. Gerald, on Marina Road you may find "publicly maintainable" is a different status to "adopted".

  14. Michael,

    "Gerald strange one this, I believed I had seen a title deed showing the freehold of the land in front belonging to the chap who wants to build the development"

    Yes, I believe that's correct. The application site belongs to a company with the same address as the applicant.

  15. Readit,

    "Gerald, on Marina Road you may find "publicly maintainable" is a different status to "adopted"."

    quite possibly.

    However KCC list roads as either "publicly maintainable" or "privately maintainable". Title deeds for private property normally exclude "highways maintained at public expense".

  16. Gents

    All extremely interestingt. Is the reek of rat becoming more pronounced?

  17. And that was from a One Nation Conservative. Hate to think what a Labour supporter might make of it all.

  18. Bluerinse. If you knew anything about political history you would know that the old One Nation Conservatives, including our own home-grown Prime Minister and Old Ruymian, were a lot closer to the centre left than the present Whig Party that is ruling in coalition with the LibDems. That said, I have no desire to see the incompetents of the local Labour Party in charge, any more than I want to see the incompetents of the present Whig administration retain control. I would just like to see some openness and accountability restored to local government, and as you have professed in the past - a stepping back from Party politics at local level.

  19. Marina Esplanade, Ramsgate

    This building might be Ok somewhere else but NOT on the Ramsgate seafront. This plan is incongruous. It is another greedy development to benefit the land owners without any consideration for the residents and visitors. None of the buildings along the seafront are more than 3 stories high and yet this plan is incongruous at 5 stories. It will tower over and in front of existing buildings and block their view and sunlight. The plans are outrageous and the planning officers have not even had the courtesy to go and have a look to see the impact it will have on residents there and visitors. Please advise everyone to have a look, then write to complain about the plans to; The Planning Inspectorate, 3/21 Eagle Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 Temple Square. BRISTOL BS1 6PN


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