Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Quex and Ramsgate pictures and a ramble

We spent this afternoon at The Powell Cotton Museum at Quex in Birchington, please appreciate I am working backwards in time with this post, the last batch of pictures will come first.

While I am explaining myself, I should point out with these long batches of photographs that my normal method when publishing pictures is to dump the contents of my camera card directly onto the internet and view them from there. This means that I often haven’t looked at the pictures properly when I publish the associated blog post. Here are the Quex pictures  

This weekend a combination of the friends of Quex and the Broadstairs Dickens week people have taken over and are offering a Victorian experience with penty to amuse children. Ours were amused.

This morning’s walk was up the east pier and I took a few pictures, here they are

I will add some more to this post later, if I get a chance. 



  1. Michael first lets settle the date issue I dont think your photos of the harbour weree taken on the 35 of Apri.I must say fro a laymans point of view the harbour looks decidedly unkempt. It is seriously silted up and I assume the vattenfall boat was trying to 'blow silt out to loosen it up' The whole harbour could do with a lick of paint and looking at the genorator I doubt it will ever start unexpectedly again. The beths in the outer harbour seen not to be used because of the silt problem? and the old museum building looks derelict. Just my observations from your walk I may be wrong of course and you have a lens that only shows derelict harbours.

    The shots at Quex were marvelous I love to see all the new flowers and the people enjoyomg themselves. and I thank you for your pictures I am still housebound and they are fantastic for me well done.

  2. Don it was one of the most unusual bits of boat manoeuvring I have ever seen, I think it should have been something like a three point turn. No steering when you go backwards with a boat and the higher water pressure on the lower part of the prop means the boat turns in the direction the blades are rotating at the bottom. This effect is enhanced considerably when the prop comes into contact with the mud on the bottom.

    Spot on about the date, I thought someone would catch me out.

  3. Don, the berths that are empty are the new ones that have just been installed, and not available for use yet. The generator works fine, cuts in straight away when there is a power cut, "never judge a book by it's cover". As for a derelict harbour that's courtesy of those who sit in their offices at Margate


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