Friday, 8 April 2011

A few pictures and a market day ramble

This will probably be a bit fragmented as the bookshop is fairly busy today with extra people in Ramsgate for market day.

A few more pictures of the developments on Ramsgate seafront, as you can see there is progress with the Royal Sands on the Pleasurama site albeit a bit slow for a site that is so far behind schedule.

More of these shallow foundations are being dug and filled with concrete, including some near the front of the development, pretty straightforward there as this part of the site appears to be mostly beach sand as you can see.

Having dug out some of the sand they then put in a plastic mould and ready to fill with concrete.

Here are the pictures on the camera card for the last couple of days

The roof frame is going in as part of the ongoing restoration of 1 Granville Marina.

Pot of tea at Ramsgate Garden Centre, decent tea £1.60 per person pot, excellent slice of chocolate sponge £2.65, good open free WiFi connection.

I got my first election leaflet today, this was from Gerry O’Donnell he is standing for both district and town councillor in my ward, I will probably vote for him on both counts, mainly because I believe he was the driving force behind The Great Wall of Ramsgate art project.       

This is also partly down to can you actually name your ward councillors? Apart from Dave Green who is a district councillor in my ward art the moment also Dave and Gerry, who are town councillors in my ward at the moment, apart from them I found I couldn’t.

In terms of being a small shopkeeper in King Street Ramsgate, it’s a bit hard to know where the best deal will be in the two lowest tiers of government, there are already several small shops opening on the sites where people failed who opened this time last year.

I suppose one of the main problems is to do with the street environment and the way people flow up the street. We have once again reached the point where the road and pavement surface is pretty much worn out and despite all the government cuts it will probably get replaced soon.

Last time this happened the opportunity to change the layout so that at the very least someone with a pushchair could get up both pavements was missed, since then the no smoking ban means that pedestrians have difficulty getting past the people spilling out of the pubs onto the pavements for a smoke.

A look though the list of candidates at combined with googling some of the names combined with the word Ramsgate hasn’t come up with much, compared say googling my own name combined with Ramsgate which at least seems to suggest I exist, see



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