Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Turner Contemporary new work of art

I have done my best with a picture of a Margate sunset here but am more of a snapper than a photographer, however nothing I could do could compete with the latest video work of art on their media channel at http://www.turnercontemporary.org/media-channel

I have embedded it below so you can enjoy it without waiting for their rather slow website to open.

I find that there is something humbling about great art, knowing that I have helped to contributed to funding it makes me feel. Well. I walk that little bit taller, don’t you?  


  1. How would you characterize this work Michael ?

    Does "Gull label" get somewhere near the mark ?

    "My goodness other talking head have you heard about Margate's venture into the arts as an engine for regeneration ?"

    "Why yes remeinds me of my apprenticeship ?"

    "Reminds you of your apprenticeship you say ?"

    "Yes back in my teens I learned how to use a centre lathe. My hobby was gym training at the factory recreation club took up all my spare time"

    "Gym training you say ?"

    "Yes the factory recreation club provided a fitter turner centre"

    "My god man one day humour like that will be iconic mark my words."

  2. Good to see Thanet's literary wits and art critics are in such fine form. Nice sunset picture though, Michael.

  3. Sorry Bluenote, Retired. I was so bowled over by this work of art that I didn’t know what to say in terms of artistic criticism, I have calmed down a bit now, so here we go.

    The appeal of this futuristic vision encompasses the sheer ebullience of the digital vision. This dream shocks and excites, draws attention and interest.

    Will that do?

  4. Just for once Retired has managed to post without mentioning conspiracies, private armies, terrorist organisations or dodgy chemical companies. And he even managed a couple of mildly amusing jokes. Maybe for once a bit of credit for a good try rather than the usual Thanet put down. Might encourage him to try again!


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