Saturday, 30 April 2011

Artistic Thanet pictures thoughts a holiday ramble

Here in the Ramsgate book business I have had more than the usual amount of time off recently, Easter has run into the royal wedding and will run on into the May day bank holiday.

The first batch of pictures date from Wednesday I think, nothing much of note apart from the drummer and the piano accordionist playing while walking along Harbour Parade, see  

Day off on Thursday and we had to go to Margate on book business, refreshments at the Turner Contemporary.

I see this gallery as a challenge, something that we have to learn here in Thanet, much in the same way as we learnt how to deal with the people who came here for the cure in the 1700s, the bathing machines in the 1800s and the amusements in the 1900s.

I don’t think standing back and saying I don’t understand contemporary art and the people who come here to look at is enough, we have to learn to understand and profit from this new and different approach.

Also we have to not be totally awed by the whole thing and not notice the problems as though we were devoid of the necessity to experience what our visitors experience.

I parked on the harbour arm, expensive, but probably something visitors would do, the parking machine there didn’t work properly, I put £4 in for four hours parking and it only allowed me two and a half hours.

The lift in the gallery was out of order, perhaps 100 locals got in it, it says maximum load 7500 kg or 100 persons, I think they are being rather optimistic if they think the average person weighs 75 kg here in Thanet.


One thing I did do was to take a close-up of the damage to the floor, this polished concrete is an important feature of the new gallery and I am not sure it should be down to me to get this put right.

The inevitable photographs are here

I had a pot of tea in the café at the gallery when I arrived £1.20 very good WiFi too all in all aver useful base to do Margate from.

The lethal stretch of road that looks like a pavement has developed a sign after Magritte.

Steak baguettes for lunch there too good and reasonable value at about £8 each inc drinks.

Pictures of food at the end of this page

We went for a pizza in Broadstairs on Friday at Osteria Posillipo Pizzeria, the pizzas are excellent there and the children debated if the best ice cream in the world came from there or Morellis.

This is a very good place to eat out if you have young children, pictures at

Back to normality at work in Ramsgate today, a few pictures of the, Save Our Nests art installation protest in Albion Gardens
 and the inevitable locals out walking their parrots see    


  1. Michael,

    You say that Steak baguettes for lunch there are good and reasonable value at about £8 each inc drinks.

    I've had a look at your photo: 7 tiny slivers of steak (of undetermined cut)in a cheap roll, served with a salad leaf and a teaspoon of sauce; plus a teabag in water. At £4 it could be described as reasonable; but certainly not at £8. At that price one could do it better and cheaper in the West End.

    I'm not attacking you Michael, but rather the local cafe owners who appear to profiteering.

  2. John as I said I am trying to view the Turner experience from the point of view of the affluent elite that will come down to Thanet and hopefully spend their money here.

    Frankly I find Margate a difficult town when it comes to stopping for a snack type lunch and with TC café I would say that it is very suited for this purpose, fast, clean expensive enough to get a table, excellent view, fast free WiFi.

    I am used to doing economy family runs to the London museums and galleries, where there is somewhere to eat our packed lunch, nothing like this about the TC it is definitely aimed at the elite.

    When I did the TC with the children the other day it was fish and chips from Pete’s Fish Factory opposite about a tenner for all four of us, we sat on the seats outside the TC, great view of the TC but too low to see over the sea wall.

    The landscaping around the gallery is just badly designed, the road really is dangerous.

  3. Peter's Fish Parlour is good value.

    But Michael,it was not just the superior weather in Spain that killed our seaside trade. It was also greedy landladies, inferior accommodation coupled with overpriced and unimaginative food in the restaurants. I fear that we have learned nothing.

  4. The Turner Contemporary cafe experience is good. Its design is clean crisp light and with a good view over the town and bay. The staff are efficient, fast and eager to be of service. The menu is more than adequate for either a long session in the gallery, or a quick pop-in for a snack. The tables are clean and quickly cleared. Its not expensive, try dining in London, and probably has the right balance for the clientelle, who are the sort of people I would have thought, Margate needs to attract!!!


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