Friday, 8 April 2011

Hartsdown Park V Margate Football Club update

I have had a an answer from the council to my enquiry about the fenced off synthetic football pitch, shown in red, in the picture above, click on it to enlarge.

The football club have already built some fenced off five aside pitches, shown in green, in the park and obtained planning permission to add a full sized pitch to these.

Below is my written reply from the council.

“I've discussed your email with one of our senior planning officers, who
has provided the following information:

The artificial pitch was the subject of a separate planning application
and does not form part of the proposed scheme that you are being
consulted on. The amendment proposed relates to an earlier planning
application which granted permission for a new stadium and included a
hotel to the rear of one of the stands. The application proposes
amendments to that part of the original scheme and does not relate to
the proposed artificial pitch.

The club does not have a lease on the land where it proposes to build
the artificial pitch; should it apply for a lease from the Council, that
application would be the subject of public consultation to ensure that
the public have their say.

I hope this deals with your query satisfactorily.”

And here is the enquiry I sent the council.

Hi #### I am not clear about here is the situation about putting in the new and fenced off artificial pitch that seems to cut the park in half. I am asking about this as I think it was what got most peoples backs up,
I think this was the subject of yet another planning application, it’s a bit confusing on the council planning site with so many applications.

What I am getting at here is that if the council gives the impression that all is well and under control and open to public consultation and the football club cut the park in half with a fence, it won’t look to good for the council.

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  1. Michael,
    You need a medal for your perseverence !!, this issue is seemingly being kept quiet while all the talk is of Hotels. Who cares about the Hotel ? what we do care about is this monster of a fenced off yard being constructed in the middle of our parkland.
    I do not see why there has to be a hotel and a 3g pitch, if the idea of the 3g was dropped then i am sure that all involved would be more than happy for the club to commence their plans for a hotel which would do the football clubs revenue budget the world of good no doubt.
    The 3g pitch from the outset has been the sticking point and will no doubt raise enourmous objections to the entire project when consultation commences.
    Keep up the good work on this matter, you really do make a difference.


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