Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Midweek Ramble and some pictures


They have dug up something that I think may be the remains of the bricked pit for the railway signal controls.

I have made an updated enquiry to TDC about information relating to this development, on several occasions in the past they have promised to make arrangements with the developer to supply public information about what they are doing.

They had one session in Albion House years ago when the plans were different and promised more, which never happened.

We have a situation where a huge council owned site has a development proceeding at snails pace in a way that appears to be against the advice of senior council officers and the environment agency.

The council have already spent about a million pounds on cliff repairs aspects of which defy any reasonable explanation.

Marina Restaurant

The work here is progressing well and it should be looking like a normal building again soon.

The pictures that I took today have just gone onto the internet at as normal it’s what’s on the camera card and I am yet to see them.

There are now three historic vessels on the historic vessel pontoon in Ramsgate Harbour and I feel the council must be congratulated, perhaps we will now see some of our other council owned disused historic assets put to some use.

A friend of mine owned a Dunkirk Little Ship and was also a member of The Royal Engineer Yacht Club, which allows one to fly the white ensign, on entering Portsmouth Harbour on one occasion we were surprised to receive a salute from the naval guns. 

It appears that someone managed to go aground trying to reach the new pontoon, embarrassing place to get your boat stuck.  

The cracks in the surface on top of the east pier are getting worse, I hope the council’s engineers remember that this structure tends to get partially demolished when we have a combination of a high tide and big storm. 

I will ramble on perhaps.   


  1. I would still prefer to have Merrie England, Neros & The Pool. There was then some point in going down to the front. Car parks and flats fail to excite me.

    Still, I suppose that the flats are an exciting way of racking in more council tax; which TDC will spend on .......?

  2. Michael
    As usual, smashing pictures and a reminder to all your readers that the real jewel in the Thanet crown is the Royal Harbour. Shame about the pollution around the historic ships pontoon.

  3. John, so would I, it always seems to me to incredible that the main blights on Ramsgate’s seafront are council owned properties.

    Thanks for the encouragement FUWP not sure if it is pollution or algae, the drainage in this part of Ramsgate is very old and as far as I know partly unmapped, as evidenced by the frequent flooding there.

    There is an irony in this that they are not allowed to put an emergency storm overflow into the harbour, so when we have a heavy rain storm the water first has to run into the buildings before the fire service pump it into the harbour.

  4. Michael
    It's oil, well most of it is, some of it is a Te**os carrier bag

  5. FUWP I stand corrected having just had a look at the pictures again you are quite right there is certainly a high oil content. In terms of pollution in the harbour if this is the part that floats one wonders what the overall water quality must be like.

    Before the Marina Swimming Pool was built they used to hold the water galas in the inner basin, I wonder what it was like then.


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