Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Keeping up with the Thanet blogs

Do I read the posts and comment on the Thanet Blogs?

The answer here is yes and no, essentially I use my itc skills to extrapolate the information and publish a bit of seat of the pants computing here http://thanetblogs.blogspot.co.uk/ so I can keep up with it the posts and the comments on all the blogs, even with my smartphone.

Anyway I have just updated the site because of all the new local blogs, please let me know if I have included the ones I should have done, noting that I can only do this with blogger hosted blogs for technical reasons.    


  1. Talking of blogs, it must be very galling for Thanet Lab that it is seldom that anyone ever comments on their lengthy postings yet Michael would only have to post 'Good Morning' and someone would comment. Even if it were to argue that it is not actually a 'good' morning or to link the statement to some conspiracy, he is at least noticed. Thanet Lab, it would seem, would not be missed if they wrote nothing at all though that potentially would be more truthful.

    Having said that, I am not a fan of party blogs, but would prefer the individual view point even if it has a red or blue slant. Will Scobie's blog was better, before he got his typing fingers slapped, than the official party one and, for a time, Mark Nottingham had a cutting edge.

    Meantime for the far, far left, Driver's Thanet posts some self promoting stuff and, although comments are strictly censored, seems to have provided a home for the anonymous anti-everything trolls, now mainly banned or swiftly deleted by the likes of Michael and Simon.

  2. You are a tenacious hound Mr Clarke. You make me feel as though I should hang my head in shame for having got passed Ian's censorship, and plastered a couple of comments of my own on his site! lol.

    All I will say is, that his photographs and "wit" has aided my recovery.

    1. Wit? Where pray I ask?

    2. Your prayer has been answered. My dictionary states:-

      "1. the capacity for inventive thought and quick understanding; keen intelligence. 2. a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way to create humour."

    3. Obviously there has been some mistake for intelligence and Driver do not go together, but thanks for trying, Solo Gays.

    4. Tom I think you have to appreciate here that the way bloggers manage hostile comment, relates to a combination of the volume they get and just how hostile it is.

      For the most part all of the websites associated with local political groups have comment moderation of some sort, the only exception to this at the moment, being Labour Councillor David Green’s blog Ramsgate Matters.

      Back in 2007 when I first started blogging none of the local blogs either had or needed any comment moderation, there was no spam filter and virtually no spam.

      I have various options on comment moderation here, the one I go for at the moment is leaving it open, but only allowing members of blogger to comment during periods when I can’t keep an eye on the blog, mostly when I am asleep.

      The easiest option for me would be comment moderation, but I guess this would result in very little comment.

      My guess is it would only take one anonymous commenter to plaster Cllr Driver’s in defamatory and libellous comment about other councillors and council officers to get him into a lot of trouble.

    5. Trying to answer my prayer.

    6. Michael, nice try but Driver does not publish dissemination of his own statements or comment critical of himself. I know, I have tried and so have others I know. Nothing crude, nothing libellous, nothing derogatory to other councillors, just argument he evidently does not like. By the way, since when did he give a fig as to what other councillors or officers think for he is not slow to rubbish them himself.

    7. Ah difficult for me to comment on comment that hasn’t appeared Tom, I don’t think I have ever had a comment that I have left on any of the Thanet blogs not appear eventually.

      On a couple of occasions I have had to write a blog post about said blogger not publishing it, before it has appeared, perhaps you ought to start a blog and try the remedy.

    8. Driver has published all my comments so far except one... People were going on about Roger Gale's supposedly long history of anti-gay behavior (yawn), so I asked why is it that John Worrow was so enthusiastically supporting Roger Gale at the last election: this wasn't published.

    9. I was not asking you to comment, Michael, simply making a statement of fact that I and others have found our comments excluded. Perhaps, Peter, has hit the nail on the head where his comment that evidently touched a nerve was omitted. That smacks of selective publication from the so called champion of free speech and openess in governance.

  3. Replies
    1. https://twitter.com/margatearchi

    2. The jury is out on that one, quite literately.

    3. Thomas Brown ‏@GazetteMargate

      Jury yet to reach verdict. Judge Nicol adjourns court until 10am tomorrow.


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