Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Ramble and a few sketches possibly a bit of cooking

The idea here is that I cook a late Sunday lunch, make some cakes and write some sort of blog post, don’t expect that much from any of it. I will bung stuff up in bits as it happens.

I notice I didn’t post yesterday, my bookshop is busier than one would expect, given the cold weather, I put this down to a lack of things to do inside, book browsing is one of the few remaining activates in the don’t have to bracket.

I went to the Belgian Café on Friday evening here is the sketch.

Today children’s clothes and shoes meant Westwood cross, in my family I am outnumbered by the fairer sex and not liking shopping, having looked at the artist’s materials in Hobbycraft, nothing on special offer that I wanted although their canvases are very good value at the moment, buy one get one free, I went and hid in Waterstones.

Eventually I succumbed to a pot of tea and determined to get my £2 worth I drew a couple more sketches, the two big faces in the background are on a wall poster.

Sorry I didn’t get as far as putting some paint on them.  

Getting a poster on the wall of people to look like that i.e. different in some way to the people who were just there is something that I am not sure I really pulled off.

well the next batch of pictures went up backwards so from the red writing below upwards.

 pots into hot oil
 pots need to be cold cooling with cold ater will do
oven gas mk 4 half an hour
 add coco and some baking powdef about a teaspoon if you want some chocolate ones too
 dollop in

 use cake tray to suport cake cases
 pots should be losing structural integrity

 self-raising flour flour and enough make to make it a stiff slurry
 process for a few secs
 add eggs
 process for a few secs

caster the it
 marge same weight as sugar
peel potatoes and boil

icing is just icing sugar with a dash of hot water

having got all of that over, is there anything much going on locally?

Cllr Driver seems to have gone critical on the blogging front with two posts today but related to national news Bignews has also posted today but again nothing local, so is anything much going on in Thanet? I think the answer must be, not a lot.

Oh well back to art, what do you think of the video below?


James Maskell said...

Feels like the lull before the storm on the blogging front. Obviously we are all awaiting the end of the trial and Ive seen talk of an Arlington decision at some point. There's also a Full Council meeting on Thursday so plenty to come.

John Hamilton - talking sense and cutting through bullshit said...

I saw a guy doing pictures like that in Las Vegas a few years ago, TOTALLY amazing, stood and watched him for about 30 minutes, totally mesmerised! Would have bought one if I thought I had any chance of getting it home in one bit!

Alan Turtle said...

The paintings on the wall on the sea front, the gallery in Canterbury you visited in the week, and now a street artist demonstrating an art, that whoever you are, can only be looked upon with wonder at the skill and creative genius in his use of colour with a can of spray paint, absolutely incredible!
Who is he Michael? Where can I find more of this artists work, if only to just marvel at the beauty that comes from his skill with such diverse and simple tools?

Michael Child said...

Sorry about the general reply, busy day. I guess you are right James, with the video of the previous meeting only just published I think it is time fore an internet wakeup call, the council could have live streamed it on youtube for nothing.

John Alan, what worries me is that it is a bit of a mass production technique so for me is on the borderline between art and craft. My guess is that he could make you a set of matching plates.

I don’t know who the artist is, the video is something the person who took it just put on facebook and they don’t say who the artist is.