Monday, 13 January 2014

Manston Airshow 2014 cancelled

Here is the link possibly not a good pr move from the new owners of the airport.  

The picture of the Vulcan XH483, at Manston taken on 4th August 1967 is from the book that I publish Twilight of the Pistons, see


Barry James said...

a shame that, what will Thanet do now!

William Epps said...

Perhaps we could have a boat show?

On the bright side, this at least shows the new owners expect the airport to be too busy for an airshow so, if that is the case, maybe Manston is not such a dead duck after all. Oh, and before anyone bites my head off, please note I did say 'if' as a prefix to my comment, so it is not a prediction.

Dave said...

... or maybe it wont be an airport for much longer.

Schmoozyschlepp said...

Given Mrs Gloag's interest in property development I suspect she'll be getting planning permission for a few new houses... £1 doesn't seem too much to pay for the land.