Thursday, 2 January 2014

Paul Moyse exhibition at The York Street Gallery in Ramsgate a few pictures of the great wall and a minor ramble.

This exhibition is on until Wednesday and definitely worth a visit.

There isn’t much left of the paintings on The Great wall of Ramsgate at the moment, but here is what there are.

Happy New Year to all my blog readers, sorry there was no pinch and a punch post yesterday as I was busy with family and friends.

For anyone interested here are the traffic sources statistics for this site for last month.

Blog wise there isn’t much in the way of news, rumour has it that the council will soon be making an announcement about the future of the Pleasurama site.



  1. Anecdotal reports suggest that most shops in Thanet (including those in Westwood Cross) have generally done very poor business over the Christmas period. Do your followers agree?

    1. What precisely has shopping results got to do with the topic of this post or is this simply a way of pouring some gloom on the New Year? Have you lot never heard of 'happy?'

    2. Thanet Watch,

      Still scratching around looking for comments about savage tory cuts and cost of living increases. To answer William's question, it is schadenfreude that makes you happy.

  2. Some good news for the people of Ramsgate is the legal advice has come down on the side of TDC who are refusing to allow any changes to the current agreement which will teminate on the 28/2/2014.

    So barring legal action from Shaun Keegan it is all over for SFP and the end game approaches.

    So who wants a party on the 1st of March?

    1. I'm saving all my partying for the opening of Arlington Tesco, though thanks all the same.


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