Thursday, 16 January 2014

Watercolour sketch of St Peters Church in the town of Sandwich in Kent from The No Name Bistro, a day off ramble.

This painting of St Peters Church Sandwich from The No Name Bistro started out as a pencil sketch as watercolours often do, I don’t like sketching from photos if I can avoid it for a number of reasons. So this time of year I wander around places looking for a cup of tea or coffee with a view that I think I can sketch. One aspect of this is making sure that the view won’t suddenly be obscured, double yellow lines are an important factor here.

This is far as I got

Before this happened

Anyway the key part, the sketching had been done so I took this photo and used it colour it in,
this colouring in process doesn't take very long with watercolour 
For a dullish day like today I cover the sky with a wash of white paint and put a few dabs of blue and grey on it while it is still wet, then put washes of background colour on the walls and roofs.
Bricks and tiles go on with some fast spodging 

On to some of the photos of Sandwich today

I seem to have got a bit obsessed with the reflections
  if you open them in photo editor invert and flip them you get some strange affects.

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