Sunday, 12 April 2015

A couple of sketches in cafés, Turner contemporary in Margate and Evolution in Ramsgate, a bit of a ramble about art and chocolate.

We went to Margate after lunch today as the children wanted to go to the chocolate festival which was supposed to be based around a pop up shop in the High Street.

I didn’t think it would be my sort of bag, so I went to Turner Contemporary, had another look at the exhibitions there and then did the sketch above in the café there.

I find the more times I sketch in a place now the better the likenesses of the people there seem to be, something that doesn’t make sense to me. As I blunder along the artistic learning curve I learn a few basic rules, one of these is that if you are sitting in a café drawing the people at other tables receding into the distance then all of the heads should be the same height. As the people in the distance get shorter as they get further away, it is their legs that get further up the page, not their heads further down the page. And of course the bigger heads should be in front of the smaller heads, the trouble is once you know these things, you can get some strange effects by not playing by the rules.

The children came back saying the pop up shop was closed so no colour. 

On great advantage of sketching in Turner Contemporary’s café is the people don’t move about much,, once they sit on a chair they tend to stay there for a while.

This isn’t the case with Evolution Café in King Street Ramsgate.

I had lunch there again yesterday and even managed to remember to take a photo of my lunch. 

Anyway here is the sketch drawn over lunch there, the people there seem to move about more and become much more animated.

The likenesses are not so good in this one, although I am not sure of the reason, it may be they will getter when I have sketched in there a few more times.

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