Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Midweek Ramble

Having Tweeted the three local political parties that stand any chance of running TDC and getting no result I emailed the local leaders today asking… oh well here’s the email..

“Hi Iris/Bob/Roger-Chris

I am trying to find your parties plans and intentions should you get elected to TDC, a district council manifesto would be favourite, but if there isn’t one, then at the very least your parties stance on the main local issues.

This is for publication on the Thanetonline blog which gets about 1,000 reads a day according to the counter on it.

Obviously my main interest is Ramsgate issues, but the blog is read across the whole of Thanet, however I hope you will cover the issues below.

Manston Airport cpo.


Royal Sands.

Concrete block and woodchip waste plant at Ramsgate Harbour.



Well I guess there are many more, I am making the assumption that all parties are against graffiti, want better policing etc.    

Best regards Michael”

So far I have only had a reply from Iris (Lab), saying they are polishing their manifesto and will send it soon.

Having given some thought to the TDC situation, it looks like the are going to end up with around 30% UKIP councillors, around 30% Conservative councillors and around 30% Labour councillors.

I am not exactly certain if this would lead to a Conservative UKIP coalition with the majority of the cabinet made up of Conservative councillors from Sandy Ezekiel’s day, but it’s certainly a possibility.

I will ramble on here after supper. 

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  1. I really hope UKIP don't want to work with the Tories and we still have a Labour run TDC but I am facing the reality that after the election we may have a TDC that will go against all the advice and risk it all by going for a CPO, the damage this will cause will stay with Thanet for decades, Ramsgate being by far the biggest loser.


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