Sunday, 5 April 2015

Powell Cotton Museum at Quex in Thanet, probably the most child friendly museum in the UK with the gardens where Atlanta and Hippomenes have been restored to their former glory.

Well here they are, all cleaned up and restored, presumably just before they upset Mother Earth and got turned into lions. They are pouring in the water at the moment.

Ovid’s description of Atlanta "Nec dicere posses, laude pedum formaene bono praestantior esset." Which means “no one is able to say whether she was should get more excellent praise for her foot or for her more outstanding beauty” is a bit strange, perhaps he was a podiatrist.
One great improvement to the museum is that they now allow you to take photographs inside.

But the best recent improvement is the new hands on experience.
 You can put stuff under the microscope
 or even the more powerful digital microscope

 you don't really need to go from Narnia in the wrdrobe

 plenty of games to play

 draws of skulls

 shoes to try on


A few photos of the rest of the museum next

I mostly sat outside and sketched
I didn't get time to colour this one in but I think it was going better than the one I did last August below
A few more pictures of the gardens next

We had an excellent day out there today.

Anyway if you are in East Kent and wondering what to do for the day here is their website  

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