Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Thanet to become London’s Third Airport, The Right Honourable Patrick McLoughlin, Sir Roger Gale and Craig MacKinlay will be at Manston today to announce the new plans.

After representations from Thanet’s MPs to reopen Thanet’s airport, while MPs from the rest of the UK are trying to get airports in their constituencies closed, The Secretary of State for Transport will be at Manston today to announce that the government is going for the four runway plan at Manston.


  1. Yes and Boris is also coming down to announce a Boris island Airport on the Goodwin Sands with a HS link to Manston Parkway.

  2. On a more serious note I wonder if the pro-airport supporters have made a strategic error in forcing X Wind to apply for change of use permission at Hanger 1? TDC will shortly have to decide between forcing 90 "green" jobs away from Thanet or declaring that part of the airport no longer has planning permission for aviation use...

  3. So the meeting did take place at Manston and came up with a five point plan but nothing new in this just hot air pre the election. Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin is under the rules of purdah so nothing new he could say.

  4. Patrick McLoughlin could have saved Manston last year when the transport review left it high and dry now he is backing it. Two faced is a title he deserves he is only here to show support for Makinlay who I recon to be a dead duck parachuted in to loose; Thats why I am supporting Will Scobie plus I have known Will for years.


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