Thursday, 14 January 2016

Rose Wylie at Turner Contemporary Margate Photos a review or something.

 Love or hate Rose Wylie this is an exhibition worth going to the gallery to see. Why? Ah the why is a matter of scale for me, it just isn’t an exhibition where looking at the images of the originals on the screen or in a book ticks the boxes.
 As anyone who reads my scribblings on contemporary art will know I am a slow thinker, so it will be some time and several visits to the exhibition before you will get anything much on the do I. What? “Like it” wrong phrase does it move me? Well in the immortal words of Terry Pratchett whose omniscope is being. What? Unparodied upstairs among the Moving Pictures of Risk, my wosisname revolved.
 Due to the lack of time the weather and stuff I didn’t get a chance to run my usual test after looking at someone else’s art, which is to go to the gallery café, get out my paints and see what happens.
 Some of the images are still rattling around in my head so I guess something will happen sooner or later.

While on the subject of contemporary art take a look at the bookshop post

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