Saturday, 13 February 2016

The watercolour painting of Margate Lighthouse from Turner Contemporary Gallery Café gets a bit more paint, and my day off from my bookshop, a joke of English bookselling and the horror of English Breakfast Tea.

Here is the watercolour painting of Margate Lighthouse from Turner Contemporary Gallery Cafe

I worked on this bit adding detail, more coats of paint, layers if you like.

The Café at Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate, not only has a decent view

But today they excelled themselves my ploughman’s lunch was one of the best I have ever had anywhere stilton and brie with quince jelly and mango chutney.

As the aging process progresses I no longer work a five day week most weeks and now take Saturday off, I don’t think holidays happen to independent English booksellers I last had one in about 1990.

Anyway I started off in the Fredricks Tea Room in part of The Carlton Cinema building in Westgate-on-Sea, toast marmalade coffee and a sketch.

After which I bought some books.

The grand finale of the day was when Turner Contemporary Gallery Café managed to produce as part of their coffee and cake deal, chocolate cake and 2 PG Tips teabags in a teapot, poetry in motion. 

P.S. here is last night's painting in the Belgian Cafe.

P.P.S. people are always asking me what type of books I buy, the answer is – of course – the type I sell, here are the photos of the books that went on the shelves in my bookshop today and I would say working your way through the bookshop blog is a fair indicator of the type of books I buy. 


  1. Looks like your day was poetry in motion. I don't get to the Turner as often as I would like but seeing the ploughmans I will make an extra effort. We were with our children last night and they were talking about the Belgian Bar, I think they planned to eat there today I must say they spoke highly of it.
    Having just looked through the pictures on the link above I must pay you a visit soon and browse your bookshelves.

  2. Don so far the Turner Cafe has been unpredictable, both quality and quantity wise, yesterday was one of my best experiences there, I visit it often as it has one of the few all weather paintable views in Thanet.

    The ploughman's is £8.95, so fairly pricey, but it has the advantage that you can paint while eating it.

    From your point of view the disabled access, cafe, gallery and loo is very good.

    The Belgian is in a different league altogether, we use it a lot as the food is very good value and the quality usually very good, from your point of view the disabled access and loo there is reasonably good and I don't think you would have any issues.

    We look forward to seeing you in the bookshop again, dont forger we close on Thursdays

  3. Great work! You know I do like this kind of talent, but unfortunately don't know where to start. Lol :D

  4. Princess I started painting from cafes about four years ago and the paintings were dreadful, I don't think it has much to do with talent, just keeping at it while my children eat up go to the loo etc.

  5. I will come and see you again when it warms up I love your shop


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